Carta Inglés


Crunchy Black Pudding (4 units)

¡New! Delicious crunchy ingots stuffed with black pudding from Burgos, apple and pine nuts. 12.95 (4 units)

Prawn Ensaladilla

¡New! One of the classics that could not be missing from our menu, with potatoes, prawns, tuna and mayonnaise. 11.95

XXL Cod Fritters

¡New! Let yourself be seduced by the flavor of these delicious fritters filled with our delicious cod cream. 4 units 9.95 

Bevivo Nachos

¡New! Try our new nachos now. With minced meat, peppers, tomato, onion and a delicious cream of cheddar cheese to suck your fingers. 15,10

Breaded Mushrooms with ali-oli

¡New! Tender mushrooms breaded in the traditional style and accompanied by ali oli 12,95

Jamon Iberico from Huelva

¡New! Few dishes are more irresistible than one of Iberian ham. Accompanied with crystal bread. 22,95

Bravest Potatoes

Our potatoes are not brave, but they are the bravest. Dip into a delicious sauce with spiced meat, slightly spicy and overly tasty. 9,95

Selection of Gyozas

Full ration of gyozas for those who like to taste everything. Four chicken gyozas, four duck gyozas and four vegetables gyozas (12 units). 16,95

Mussels Chalaca Style

Tasty fresh mussels with pico de gallo and mayo sauce, perfect for sharing. Gluten-free. 11,50

Teriyaki Chicken Skewers

Succulent chicken skewers covered in a delicious teriyaki sauce. 9,95

Chicken Fingers Sweet Chilli

Tender chicken breasts with a crispy homemade breading with French fries. 10,45

Main Dishes

Sillao Chicken Wok

Long grain rice with chicken, wok vegetables and a mixture of spices that will make you travel to the East indeed. 11,95

Salmon Wok

Japanese noodle wok with oriental vegetables, sesame and, of course, our best salmon. 17,30

Creamy Rice with Iberian Fan and Trigueros

You will not be able to resist the creaminess and flavor of our rice with juicy Iberian fan and wild asparagus. 14.95

Mushroom Cheese Risotto

Irresistible creamy rice with a mix of mushrooms and cheese D.O. Grana Padano. Gluten-free. 13,95

Entrecote Steak Bevivo

300 grams of juicy Spanish beef tenderloin to make the most carnivores to fall in love. Served properly chopped, with a pinch of salt and with vegetables in the wok. 23,40  (Add chips +1,95 €)

Sweet Chilli Pork Loins

New. Discover the juiciness of the squares of pork loin macerated in our sweet chilli sauce and accompanied by rice and sautéed vegetables. 11,80

Pork Secreto Donburi

Thick beef strips and oriental sauteed vegetables. With sesamo, lettuce, soy sauce and slightly spicy. 12,95

Beef Sauteed Sirloin

Thick beef strips, oriental sauteed vegetables and chips. With sesamo, soy sauce and slightly spicy. 24,80

Fish & Chips

The traditional dish of English gastronomy with a crispy orly batter in the traditional style and served with potatoes. 10,95

Salmon Tartar

Delicious salmon cubes, with mango and strawberries seasoned with the unique twist of Bevivo. The mix of these ingredients will be a real delight for your taste. 16,70

Grilled Lamb Ribs

Delicious and tender grilled baby ribs accompanied with French fries.19,95

Ranch Style Tacos

Two delicious and hearty chicken tacos prepared in the genuine ranch style. Juicy chicken, lettuce, pico de gallo, and our chef’s special sauce. 12,45

Tuna Tataki and Tiger’s Milk

Tuna tacos cooked with a tiger’s milk base, lettuce and Golden sesame. Gluten-free. 16,80 

New Bevivo Burguer

Marinated beef, accompanied by cheddar cream cheese, lettuce, tomato and our special sauce. Offered with chips. 18,95

Chicken Ranch Burger

Crispy chicken breast with our special breading in brioche bread, bacon, cheddar, trocadero lettuce and tomato. It is served with potatoes. 12,45

Not Meat Burguer

It looks like meat,  it tastes like meat, but it is 100% vegetable , will you notice the difference? With lettuce, onion, vegan mayonnaise, and chips. 15,95

From the Orchard

Vivisima Salad

The most exclusive salad with a mix of fresh lettuce, mezclum, mango, goat cheese, raspberries, walnuts, raisins and honey and mustard vinaigrette. Gluten-free. 12,95

Burrata Salad

Deliciosa ensalada de lechuga,rúcula, albahaca, cebolla crujiente, compota de tomate natural y coronada con cremoso queso Burrata. 13,95


Chocolate Coulant

Chocolate sponge cake filled with melted chocolate accompanied by strawberry and vanilla ice cream. 6,70

Carrot Cake

Our version of the traditional carrot cake with a pinch of orange flavour. 5,45 

Chocolate Brownie

Traditional chocolate sponge cake with walnuts soaked in chocolate syrup, mint ice cream, cream and strawberry slices. 5,45 

Gran Bombon Cheesecake

Discover our exclusive creamy cheesecake in the shape of a chocolate and covered with a crunchy biscuit crumble. 5,45

Oreo Milkshake

Refreshing smoothies prepared at the moment, choose your favourite flavour and enjoy it! 7,50

Creamy Greek Yogurt Passion Fruit Coulis

Smooth Greek yogurt with cheese, cream and sweetened with passion fruit coulis, strawberry jam and blackberries. Gluten-free. 5,45 

Lemon Sorbet

Lemon Sorbet 4,45

Tangerine Sorbet

Tangerine Sorbet 6,30

Chocolate or Vainilla Ice Cream

Three ice cream scoops to choose between chocolate or vanilla. Gluten-free. 4,45

Mint Ice Cream

Three ice cream scoops. Gluten-free. 5,20


D.O. Rioja

La Maldita 14,95 Recomendado
Bordón Crianza   14,50 | Copa 2,95
Luís Cañas  24,50
Muga Crianza   37,95

D.O. Ribera del Duero

Ycaro Roble 14,50 | Copa 2,95
Pinna Fidelis 18,95
Monteabellón Crianza 24,95
Emilio Moro 36,95
Pago de Capellanes Crianza D.O. Ribera de Duero 39,95
Pago de Capellanes Reserva D.O. Ribera de Duero 49,75

Wines of Spain

88 Uvas D.O. Vinos de Madrid 14,50
Quinta de Aves Campo de Calatrava 16,95
Heredad 26 Roble Bierzo 17,95   Exclusivo
Honoro Vera Calatayud 17,95
Habla del Silencio Extremadura 23,95
Juan Gil Etiqueta Plata Jumilla 24,50


Enate Chardonnay Samontano 17,50    Oferta 14,50
Puerta Bonita (Dulce Natural) 14,95 | Copa 2,95 
Ycaro Rueda (Verdejo) 14,50 | Copa 2,95
Valdesalas (Godello) 15,95   Exclusivo
Coral do Mar (Albariño) 18,45
Marieta (Albariño) 18,95
Dr. L. Riesling (Semidulce) 19,95
José Pariente Rueda (Verdejo) 20,95

Rosados y espumosos

Charlatan Rosado Cigales 16,95    Oferta 14,50
Buleza (Rosado) 15,95   Exclusivo
Parés Baltà Brut (Cava) 16,95
Alma Atlántica Frizzante Martin Codax 18,50
ANNA de Codorniu Reserva  20,95 | 200ml 7,95
ANNA de Codorniu Rosé 21,95


Cervezas Artesanas

Cerveza Torrejonera La Charanga «Popular» 5,60   ♥ Recomendado

Virgen Jamonera 4,70

Virgen Lager 4,70

Otras Cervezas

Heineken Doble 2,75

Heineken Tanque Medio Litro 3,95

Heineken con limón 2,75

Paulaner 50cl. 6,40

Sin Alcohol 0,0 3,10

Mahou 3,80

Desperados 5,10

Mahou 0,0 Tostada 3,70

Mahou Sin Gluten 4,50

Combinados y licores


Puerto de Indias 7,00

Bombay Sapphire 7,00

Larios 12 7,00

Larios Rosé 7,00

London Hill 7,00

Beefeater 7,00

Seagram´s 7,00

Tanqueray 7,00

Citadelle 9,00

Bloom 9,00

Beefeater 24 9,00

Mombasa Club 9,00

Martin Miller´s 9,00

Bulldog 9,00

Tanqueray NºTen 11,00

Gin Mare 14,00

Plymouth 14,00

Hendrick´s 14,00

G´Vine 14,00

Brockmans 14,00


Matusalem 7,00

Brugal 7,00

Cacique 7,00

Barceló 7,00

Havana Club 7,00

Santa Teresa 7,00

Capitan Morgan 7,00

Bacardí 7,00

Flor de Caña 7,00

Legendario 9,00

Matusalem 7 9,00

Havana Club 7 9,00

Zacapa 15,00


Ballantine´s 7,00

Cutty Sark´ 7,00

JB 7,00

Four Roses 7,00

Johnny Walker Red Label 7,00

Jim Beam 7,00

Dyc 8 7,00

Dewar´s White Label 7,00

Cardhu 9,00

Jack Daniel´s 9,00

Jhonny Walker Black Label 9,00

Jameson 9,00

The Macallan 15,00


Absolut 7,00

Stolichnaya 7,00

Smirnoff 7,00

Eristoff 7,00

Ciroc 11,00

Grey Goose 14,00


Sauza 7,00

José Cuervo 7,00

Don Julio Reposado 9,00


Ruavieja blanco, crema o hierbas 4,95

Martini Rosso 4,95

Martini Blanco 4,95

Aperol Spritz 5,20

Campari 4,95

Magno 4,95

Amaretto Disaronno 6,95

Anís del Mono 4,10

Baileys 4,95

Cointreau 4,95

Frangelico 4,95

Jägermeister 4,95

Limonchello 4,95

Kahlua 4,95

Licor de manzana, melocotón o mora (con y sin) 4,10

Marie Brizard Mora 4,10

Pacharán Quilez 4,95

Cocktails, Sangrías & Tintos de verano


Margarita 7,95   ¡Nuevo!
Piña Colada 7,95   ¡Nuevo!

Classic Mojito 7,95

Strawberry Mojito 7,95

Caipiriña 7,95

Daiquiri 7,95

Strawberry Daiquiri 4,95

San Francisco (alcohol-free) 4,95

Sangrías & Tintos de verano

Sangría Española 4,95

Sangría Brasileña 4,95

Tinto de Verano 3,50

Tinto de Verano with lemon 3,50

Tinto de Verano without alcohol 3,50

Otras Bebidas

Bebidas con refill, pide una y repite todo lo que quieras
CocaCola, Zero o ZeroZero 3,50

Fanta naranja o limón 3,50

Nestea 3,50 

Mineral Water 2,70

Mineral Water with gas 2,70

Aquarius Naranja o Limón 3,10

Sprite 2,75

Schweppes 3,10

Fever Tree Tonic Water 3,95

1724 Tonic Water 4,10

RedBull 3,50

Ginger Ale 2,50

Tonic Water 2,50

Mare Rosso Bitter 3,10

Nordic Mist 2,75

Mosto White/Red 3,50

Cafés e infusiones

Espresso Leggero (con leche, cortado o solo) 1,90

Espresso Decaffeinato (con leche, cortado o solo) 1,90

Espresso Caramel o Vainilla (con leche, cortado o solo) 1,90

Cappuccino 1,90

Bombón Coffee 2,25

Latte Macchiato 1,95

Manzanilla 1,50

Poleo 1,50

Eco Té (English Breakfast, Forest Fruits, Green, Mint, Pu-erh, Rooibos) 1,80


Salsa Extra 0,45

Pan por persona 0,95

Patatas fritas 1,95

Cuenco de arroz 1,95

Verduras Salteadas 1,95

Take Away 0,45

Combinado con RedBull 1,00


IVA Incluido en todos los precios. Suplemento de terraza 5%.